Black and Brown

Wow, a few days slipped by since my last post and I hardly noticed. My life is a whirlwind of activity right now, let me tell you. But I've got some exciting things cooking, which hopefully I can share with you soon.

I thought this outfit was a virtual repeat of an older one, but when I looked back at the original I saw that it actually has several differences; in fact the only commonalities are the tunic and cardigan, everything else was swapped out. The overall look is still the same though, with the fitted pants and boots under the longer layers. I think this version works a bit better than the original one.

This is such an easy look to wear; the long layers provide more than enough waistband overlap so I don't end up tugging and readjusting my shirt, the boots are rugged and comfortable, and everything is stretchy and non-constrictive. The boots really bring everything together, since they have panels of both black and brown.

Tunic: Anthropologie
Tank: Forever 21
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Belt: Red Dress Shoppe
Necklace: Wendy Brandes
Bracelet: a gift from Mom
Ponte knit pants: Club Monaco
Boots: Timberland Boot Co.