As I mentioned in my last outfit post, boots are in heavier rotation this summer than normal. This pair in particular has been hauled out quite a bit, mainly because they're mid-calf height and therefore don't have quite as wintry a look as some of my taller pairs. Because of the hardware, they also add quite a bit of visual interest to an outfit without too much effort on my part, a quality I'm especially appreciative of at the moment.

This outfit was reworked from an older one. I really liked the military jacket with the teal skirt, but in looking back at the original outfit I thought the addition of the gray skirt underneath was unnecessary. I therefore decided to try a simpler version, eliminating both the layered skirt and the hardware-heavy belt.

This gorgeous necklace by Wendy Brandes is also getting a ton of use lately. On the days when I'm feeling less creative, I can throw on some jeans, flats and a t-shirt and tell myself that I'm simply letting the necklace be the star of the outfit. I always feel put together when I have it on.

Do you have any special items in your wardrobe that you deploy when you don't have the energy to build an entire outfit creatively?

Jacket: Thrifted
Necklace: Wendy Brandes
Skirt: LA Made
Boots: All Black
Leggings: Audrey Cantwell