Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday, and since I've decided to start counting in dog years, that means I'm 6. In fact, Georgie and I are the same age today (I made her birthday the same as mine since I don't know exactly when it is). Happy birthday to little Georgie; I wish Mark and I could take her out to dinner with us tonight, but apparently it violates some sort of health code in San Francisco.

Mark is taking me to Incanto, one of the best restaurants in town, to celebrate my big day. As exciting as that is, I've actually already gotten the thing I wished for the most, something I've wanted for a very long time, in fact.

There's even a style connection (isn't there always?), because the thing I've recently gotten has something to do with all of the outfits pictured here.

Can you guess what my wish was, and how these outfits relate to that wish?

This last one is an older outfit that was re-worn; the last time was with different hosiery and shoes, 
but I didn't photograph it again.

Outfit 1: Lucky bag, vintage jacket, H&M t-shirt, Moon Collection skirt, Sofft shoes.
Outfit 2: Helmut Lang blazer, Noa Noa top, Wendy Brandes necklace, Sunhee Moon skirt, BcBGirls shoes.
Outfit 3: All Saints skirt and blazer, Michael Stars shirt, Wendy Brandes necklace, Faryl Robin shoes, Foley + Corinna bag.
Outfit 4: Helmut Lang blazer and dress, Alexander McQueen scarf, Born shoes.
Outfit 5: All Saints dress, Promod blazer, Red Dress Shoppe belt, Wendy Brandes necklace, Coccinelle bag. Shown here with Bettye Muller shoes; worn the second time with the BCBGirls shoes shown in outfit 2.